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Mohammad Ali Felx Dominates, TKO’s Abdel Azeem
Mohammad Ali Felx Dominates, TKO’s Abdel Azeem

EFC Evolution closed its doors Friday March 27 on its biggest and most glorious event so far with a state of the art setting at Nasser City Sports Club, Egypt.

The main event featured globally renowned Egyptian fighter Mohamad Ali Felx who faced Mohamad Abdel Azeem.

For almost two full rounds, Mohamad Ali used his rangy striking attack to pick apart Mohamad Abdel Azeem on the feet, all while using his vaunted wrestling game purely to stay on top and deliver some nasty elbows throughout the fight.

The result was a second round TKO for the Veteran Mohamed Felx Ali whose striking proved to be a riddle that Abdel Azim could not solve.

The light-heavyweight bout was the main event of EFC Evolution that took place at Naser Sports City, Cairo.

Felix got rocked early in the first round but managed to come back harder and brutally finish Abdel Azim in the second round.



A much anticipated Main event between Ali Felx and Abdel Azim had Mohamed Felx being the aggressor, working his footwork and boxing skills with Abdel Azim back paddling away from danger.

Felx dictated the pace of the whole fight closing in and delivering punishment from all angles. Unable to stand and strike with Ali, Abdel Azeem tried to go for the takedowd yet got swept and found him self in a dangerous poosition.

Big elbows from Felx messed up Abdel Azeems face as he barely defended himself and survived the first round.

Round 2 had Abdel Azim looking weak as Ali pressed and kept the pressure before he swarmed and finishes the fight via TKO after delivering some harsh hammer fists and elbows before the referee steps in and saves the fighter.

Mohamad Ali ends his losing streak and improves his record to 10-7 in his first fight this year. Abdel Azeem is now deeper with his third consecutive loss.